Making Inclusion Business Sense

Making Inclusion Business Sense


There is a major social and economic gap of persons with a disability; lower education rate, lower employment rate and higher poverty rate. For this reason, the EU and its Member States have a strong mandate to improve the social and economic situation. Accelerated changes are required in policy, attitudes and programmes, from politicians, employers and organisations in order to bridge the large divides today.

With the increased attention of social inclusion, combined with a growing trend of the flexible workplace, Servaas Kamerling created the company in-Fusion. He is a man fused by sporting achievement, professional experience and family life. And he also ‘wears’ a wheelchair (see section Who we are).

in-Fusion aims to approach disability inclusion holistically, with pragmatism and with a business sense, driving optimal return on investment. With the slogan, Making Inclusion Business Sense, in-Fusion aims to decrease the chasms to inclusion to such a degree that the company can be rendered obsolete and all is completely in-fused. Until then, the company will build as many bridges as it can.

To understand more about diversity and inclusion, please see the video below which is just two and half minutes long. It’s called ‘Big D Output’ and is made by workinspirationtest and available on Youtube for share.

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